Buying A Property? Questions You Need To Know The Answer Too

By September 22, 2015 No Comments

The initial steps to buying your first property are not as big as you probably think.  Do you often pick up the Domain and dream of someday owning your own home?  If your like I was your doing that every week, but where do you start?  Your first point of call should be your mortgage broker.

If you’ve never bought a property before, there are some important questions you should answer before you get down to buying one.  Here are 5 quick questions that should be on your initial checklist.

What type of property do you need and what area will or can you afford to live?

Have you contacted a mortgage broker?

Have you checked if you qualify for a First Home Owners Grant or Stamp Duty Discounts?

Have you worked out the other expenses that come with buying a property?

Have you prepared yourself to apply for your first home loan?

Ready to start looking for that dream home?

Call us today if you want to take that first step, it doesn’t cost to ask the important questions.

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